Government Report Details CHI St. Luke's Hospital Lack of Infection Prevention

Damning Government Investigation and Report Details Serious Safety Lapses at CHI St. Luke’s, Houston, Texas

Patients received medications that weren’t ordered by doctors; objects were mistakenly left in patients after surgery; and ultrasound probes were reused without being property disinfected, government inspectors found. The hospital says it is fixing the problems.

Yuck, cleaning a transvaginal transducer with tap water and paper towels??! Sad, St. Luke's used to be a respected hospital.
In an interview conducted on 3/27/19 at 10:10 am, Staff#122 was asked by the surveyor how she was disinfecting the transvaginal transducers. She stated, "I just run them under the tap water and wipe them off with a paper towel."


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