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Thomas & Wan files new Zicam lawsuit with 117 clients

Our firm filed a new Zicam lawsuit today with 117 plaintiffs against Matrixx Initiatives for their permanent loss of smell from using Zicam Cold Remedy. The Arizona Republic has a story here and the WSJ MarketWatch has a story here.

Zicam Client in Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle interviewed one of our Zicam clients here. The story highlights the safety issues and dangers of losing your sense of smell permanently. We represent many others like Mr. Ehler who need their sense of smell at the workplace such as chefs, firefighters, nurses, and refinery workers.

Fox News Story on Zicam

We were interviewed last night on Fox News Houston regarding yesterday's announcement of Zicam's dangers and permanent loss of smell. Here is the full story.

US FDA Warns About Zicam

The U.S. FDA has just come out with an advisory warning people not to use Zicam products containing zinc as they are linked to permanent loss of smell. Read the full advisory here.

We represent over 100 people who have permanent loss of smell and taste from using Zicam. This advisory confirms what our clients and Thomas & Wan have always known--these are dangerous products that must be taken off the market. Even to this day, Matrixx refuses to put a warning on the products that they can cause permanent loss of smell and taste. We are currently in litigation in Arizona state court over several of these cases.

Mercy from the Law

Well, this is a first. I got pulled over yesterday for making an illegal turn right in front of the courthouse. Always a great way to start trial. Anyway, my DL and insurance were in the back of the truck with our trial boxes. So, I go back there, and the officer gives me a strange look and says, "I'm going to let you go this looks like you got bird poop all over the back of your suit." Pepito saves the day! Now I know why I love animals so much. They are always looking out for us dumb humans.

The "best" health care in the world?

We spend a lot of time in McAllen and looking at medical records from McAllen healthcare providers. It is always interesting to see that injuries, quite frequently occur not from the primary illness but from a test or procedure gone awry. This eye-opening article from the New Yorker may explain this phenomenon.