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Avandia-Being Pulled from Pharmacies by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it would restrict access to GlaxoSmithKline PLC's diabetes drug Avandia and pull it from retail pharmacies because of the drug's link to increased risks of heart attack and stroke.

After Nov. 18, Avandia will no longer be available at pharmacies, and doctors and patients will need to enroll in an FDA program in order to prescribe and receive the medicine, according to the agency.

Call Your Senator Now: Loser Pays is really Winner Pays

The Texas House just passed the "Loser Pays" bill without any debate. In reality, a "winner" in a lawsuit could end up owing the "loser" money! We can stop this now if you contact your Texas Senator and give him or her this example courtesy of my colleague Steve Waldman:

The "Loser Pays" bill that was just ramrodded through the Texas House, without debate, should be called "Winner Pays." If this bill becomes law, the winner of the lawsuit may have to pay the loser's attorney's fees. There is no cap on the amount the winner has to pay. A plaintiff - and this includes a small business - can win a lawsuit and go bankrupt. The following scenario can actually happen:1.Joe's Lawn Service ("Mom and Pop" small business) buys 10 Hodna (company name changed to protect...) tractors at a cost of $100,000.2.The tractors do not work, costing Joe to lose most of his landscape business.3.Joe sues Hodna for the…