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Medically Incompetent Doctors Flee to Texas

Scary. Very scary.

From KRIS Corpus Christi and Texas Watch:

Corpus Christi neurosurgeon Stefan Konasiewicz is on trial in Minnesota this week for medical malpractice. Konasiewicz left a trail of medical incompetence in Minnesota that has resulted in nine medical malpractice lawsuits, some involving patient deaths, as well as a public reprimand by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.Rather than face the music in Minnesota Konasiewicz fled to Texas where lax oversight and a broken legal system allow bad doctors to keep seeing patients, turning our state into a safe haven for dangerous doctors like Konasiewicz.The Texas Medical Board, which is tasked with policing the medical profession, isn’t required to disclose – or even look into – cases of medical malpractice when a doctor moves from another state. So, patients have no way of knowing what their physician’s track record is. On top of that, if you are injured (or worse), the law is structured such that most patients and…