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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The McAllen monitor has an update on our Mission lawsuit.

"Justice delayed is justice denied."--William E. Gladstone, British Prime Minister, 1809-98.

Change is Good, Ellen Cohen and South Dakota voters

Good news all over the country with the election results...change is inevitable and change is good. A shout out to Ellen Cohen for her victory over a Tom Delay lackey. Pathetic that Martha Wong didn't even call to shows a lack of moral character.

Great news also for the integrity and independence of the judiciary--South Dakota voters were smart enough to look past fringe special interests and keep the judiciary protected from being sued by unhappy parties. Voters overwhelmingly rejected the South Dakota initiative that would have stripped judges of their legal immunity and made them vulnerable to lawsuits over unpopular decisions.

Corpus Christi Residents Demand Accountability

Well, Corpus Christi, Texas residents are finally fed up with the lack of action by industry and government to their serious pollution problems. A local environmentalist group announced Friday it will post monthly results of an air monitoring program on its new Web site. Citizens for Environmental Justice spokeswoman Suzie Canales said data will report air quality near the refinery zone on the group's Web site at The Corpus Christi Caller has more.

The article fails to mention one of the most serious "side effects" of benzene exposure--Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). Sadly, we have several clients who worked in the Corpus Christi area in solvent plants, asphalt paving and refineries that were exposed to benzene and now have AML. There are many industrial occupations at risk for benzene exposure and AML. Yet, government doesn't seem interested reducing the safety risks of working with benzene...certainly industry isn't interested...

Grand Old Hypocrites

We voted today--just a reminder to do so if you haven't already--remember, you can't gripe if you didn't vote. It's the American thing to do.

Here's something to think about when you do go vote...hypocrites--people who demand tort reform for us common folk but turn around and file lawsuits, some frivolous, when they or their family members get injured (minor car wrecks, "negligent" doctors and demands for pain and suffering). I guess it's only pain and suffering when it happens to them, not us. We call them our Grand Old Hypocrites...

By Emily Gottlieb
Deputy Director, Center for Justice & Democracy

No one likes a hypocrite. Yet one would be hard pressed to find more hypocrites than in the “tort reform” movement. Take a look at the record of a host of lawmakers, lobbyists and even journalists who complain about lawsuits and argue that the rights of injured consumers to go to court should be scaled back because we…