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New Mexico Residents File Lawsuit Against Helena Chemical

Represented by Thomas & Wan, LLP, residents of Mesquite, New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Helena Chemical Company in Santa Fe District Court. The lawsuit alleges that Helena, without proper permits, operated a fertilizer/herbicide/pesticide mixing plant in Mesquite, New Mexico.

The mixing plant spans more than five acres of land and is located within yards of some residents’ homes. The lawsuit alleges that since Helena began its operations in 1989, it has caused large chemical spills to occur in and around the residents’ homes, has vented chemical dusts and fumes outside the Helena plant into the neighborhood and has contaminated the underground water below the plant. Prior to filing the lawsuit, the residents had tried to reach a compromise with Helena to stop the contamination of their neighborhood, but such efforts proved unsuccessful.

Coverage of the press conference announcing the lawsuit is here, here and here.