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Wong Wrongs

In the spirit of election season, we bring you a local Houston, Texas race for State Representative in District 134. For the record, we endorse the sane candidate: Ellen Cohen. Make sure you get out and vote!

Current State Rep. Martha Wong represents one of the most affluent and educated districts in Houston. Yet, watching her in debate and reading about her political mishaps is unbelievable--we are starting to feel sorry for her, and we're not even voting for her.

Take a look at some of Wong's wrongs:

Endorsement problem(s)

Signage issues

Mailing/lying issues

Bribery of High School Students: In an uncomfortable moment, Wong mentioned that she sits on the board of the University of St. Thomas, adding, “so if any of you want to go there…”

It's no wonder the spinich is poisoned

When the head of the FDA is lying and cheating, is it any wonder that the food and drug suppliers are getting away with murder?
(From the AP)
Former FDA chief Lester Crawford has agreed to plead guilty to charges of failing to disclose a financial interest in PepsiCo Inc. and other firms regulated by his agency, his lawyer said Monday. The Justice Department accused the former head of the Food and Drug Administration in court papers of falsely reporting that he had sold stock in companies when he continued holding shares in the firms governed by FDA rules.
Court papers say Crawford chaired the Food and Drug Administration's Obesity Working Group while he and his wife owned shares worth at least $62,000 in soft drink and snack food manufacturer Pepsico Inc., based in Purchase, N.Y. In addition, the documents say, he held stock worth at least $78,000 in food product manufacturer Sysco Corp., based in Houston.
While he and his wife owned the stock, the panel Crawford chaired met with rep…

Documentary on Medical Errors

TV can be good for you--make sure you tune in tomorrow night (Thursday) for this 4-part documentary--it's sure to be educational (plus, I don't think PBS will be running a fund drive, so they won't be interrupting every 10 minutes for a donation).

Four-part PBS series will explore medical errors
(taken from The Belleville News-Democrat by Roger Schlueter)

One million more are injured, many by drug-dosing errors like the ones that recently killed three premature infants in Indianapolis. In fact, it is estimated that medical errors kill as many people each year as breast cancer, AIDS and car accidents combined.

The four-part series will explore both the quality crisis and the innovative solutions being undertaken to improve the medical care patients depend on. The one-hour programs will be shown locally in Houston at 9 p.m. on Thursdays through Oct. 26 on Houston PBS Channel 8.

Each program will examine critical health-care issues facing the country today, including patient safet…