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Rick Perry took his own rights away...

Rick Perry's strategist is now blaming Gov. Perry's doctors for his continued back pain and laments the fact that he can't sue because of tort reform...which, of course, Gov. Perry signed into law in 2003...

Mr. Carney blamed bad advice from a doctor, who said the Texas governor would recover from surgery more quickly than he did. Sadly, Mr. Carney continued, Mr. Perry has no recourse against the doctor because Texas has strict limits in medical malpractice cases, making such lawsuits mostly a waste of time.
“It’s just a fact; it’s not an excuse,” the strategist offered, according to a Washington Post account. “We passed tort reform in Texas, so we can’t actually sue the doctors for what they told him.”
Back in 2003, the Texas Legislature passed tort reform and later Governor Rick Perry and his wife pushed voters to change the constitution.  "Proposition 12 protects your family," said Anita Perry in a television commercial.