Tea Party Speaks Up for Victims of Negligence

A letter from Tea Partier Mark McCaig of Texans for Individual Rights/StopTLR to Republican officials in Texas who want to continue suing the federal government--these are some of the same Republicans that want to keep individuals and small businesses from suing for negligence caused by others, i.e. "tort reform."  
Make no mistake- there is absolutely NO difference between Attorney General Abbott going to court to defend the rights of Texans and a private attorney going to court to stand up for those who have been harmed.
Likewise, Texas Monthly reiterates what we have long known:  Texas Tort Reform Has Had No Effect on Physician Supply, Lowering Costs

...and not surprisingly Gov. Rick Perry gets it wrong also...

Four researchers—including a University of Texas law professor—concluded that there was no evidence that Texas physicians were leaving the state prior to the 2003 law, or that there was a significant increase in physicians moving to Texas because of better liability climate.
The 2003 legislation, which resulted a 70 percent decrease in medical malpractice claims, limited non-economic damages to $250,000 for a healthcare provider and $500,000 for healthcare facilities. Malpractice claim payouts dropped by more than 75 percent. Insurance premiums fell by about one half.
Gov. Rick Perry, during his failed presidential campaign, claimed that Texas has added 21,000 physicians because of the law. PolitiFact, a news organization that attempts to verify political statements, disputed that figure and the number of practicing physicians was 12,788, and quoted experts who credited the state’s increasing population rather than its liability climate.


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